Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm super excited to announce our upcoming shows for the next two months. We will be posting fliers as they come or getting impatient and making our own. We're planning to record some more as soon as we can.

October 11th @ Submission Art Space (SF) with... 

Japanther, Koalacaust (LAST SHOW!), Unstoppable Death Machine and Perfect Hair (tyler curtis/kyle takanashi/sean grange/jian giannini)

October 22nd @ Fivepoints Arthouse with...

Kicking Spit (new jersey), Face The Rail, Joyride!

October 23rd @ Submission Art Space (SF) with...

 Tender Buttons, Ocelot, more

Thanks to everyone involved in putting these shows on, and all the attention. <3


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