Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The s/t demo will be released as a ten inch in the very near future; it is an ongoing conceptual development and official announcements with details will be posted in the next few months.Some reviews have started to pop up on public blogs! 

“(How) Nothing Moves” from Demo 2012…Postantipopgloom with, at least, a few feet tied into the early releases of Gold Standard Labs/Three One G (remember when they were kindasortaalmost the same thing?) only seemingly less psychically damaged. No secret cutting for this band. Just some dark strum-a-chug and obscure melodies cum feedback. I know fuck all about them, really but thank the internet for the introduction. Thank you, internet. You’re awesome."

"Noisy and wistful pop cranked through tortured amps cranked to maximum awesome. Wild Moth wastes no time in making with a cacophony of hooks and croons whose assault on your eardrums leaves a sticky residue in your brain. Pretty, almost bubblegum components are thrown together in a manic frenzy. The result is an absurdly satisfying fusion of big, lush songs played with a bare bones DiY fundamentalist aesthetic. More please?""

April will be really busy. Details on all the shows are going up soon too.

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