Thursday, October 4, 2012


We were featured in NME (UK) for this month's 'buzz' section. Thanks to Jonathan for the blurb.

Here are also some 7" reviews we've found around:

"One of the rules for our "Best of..." list at the end of the year is no singles/EPs/etc, which is a shame considering this little 4 song record is one of the most refreshing and accomplished things I've heard in months. Wild Moth is a self described post punk band, but a label that broad doesn't even begin to do their music justice. Imagine taking all of the old Jade Tree and Dischord records you listened to in the mid to late 90's and putting them through a filter. The end product is Wild Moth's Mourning Grow EP-- something old grumpy you and your younger self could enjoy together. Very highly recommended, and available for download (name your own price) on Bandcamp."

"Wild Moth kind of exudes coolness in a really good way. They've been playing their brand of dark, noisy, dirty post-punk pop-something for a little while now, and they keep getting better. Something about this new single feels more optimistic than the self-titled 10" (maybe all the major chords and upbeat tempos?), but it retains their signature subdued vocals and sludgy guitars. So mope away! I'll add that one of the best things about this band, besides the music they make, is their impeccable sense of design. Some people don't care about that, which is fine, but it really goes a long way for me when everything a band makes is so intentional and beautiful. Way to go, Wild Moth."

"Wild Moth play a visceral, noisey, and discordant style of post punk. This four song 7" inch is the band's latest release and let me just say that it kicks ass on so many different levels. Wild Moth pair unbridled punk aggression, with a melancholic vocal delivery and tie the whole package together with fuzzed out, reverb drenched guitars that wash over the listener, leaving you wanting more. Think Drive Like Jehu mixed with Mission Of Burma, but with an updated modern sound. Seriously, I've been listening to this 7" all weekend and these four new songs are phenomenal. Highly recommended! Enjoy!"

"The thoughtful and melodic ruminations of 1980s British post-punk/darkpop bands have influenced untold numbers of kids in recent years, but the sound of these wan mopers can sometimes be too crystalline and mannered, as if a recording studio were actually a NASA cleanroom where not even the slightest bit of linty fuzz could be allowed to contaminate the music. San Francisco's Wild Moth, on the other hand, classifies its songs as "darkpop" but keeps the punk half of "post-punk" alive with defiant, clamorous, muscular music. The trio's aesthetic is more angular than swirly, embracing volume and noise without sacrificing intelligence — almost like moody '80s rockers Play Dead getting taught a terse, cacophonous lesson by ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, while Sonic Youth nods approvingly in the background. Wild Moth has only been around for a year, so their recorded output consists of two slim EPs. Here's hoping they give us more meaty music to digest in the months to come"


We've begun writing new material towards a debut full length LP. A few songs have been put together and we may be debuting them live in the next couple shows.

 Also. got some new wheels.

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