Friday, December 21, 2012


We began tracking our new songs on 12/12/12 with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden and will be spending the next couple of months working together towards a final product.  We're all really looking forward to this release.

White Wards & GAG  were two of the most impressive hardcore punk bands we've gotten the chance to play with, and it was also great to work with the ThinkandDieThinking collective in San Jose; they are putting on a lot of really great shows and providing an alternative community in an otherwise somewhat sterile city. Take the time to check all of them out.
We will be playing a couple of shows with our very dear friend Elliot Babin's solo project Dadpunchers the second week of January in Santa Cruz w/Joyride! and OYO  and in Oakland w/Acid Fast and Tender Buttons

  This will probably be the last post for the year and for a while,  so here's a couple more blurbs we've found online:

"Wild Moth – “Mourning Glow” from Mourning Glow EP…One thing that sucks about all these bands that are playing into the post punk goth noise drug gloom 80s/90s no wave, no fun, never never sinking warship shit glaze is that they forget (for better or, far more often, worse) that there is a great triumph to be found in darkness which can uplift even the lowliest of haplessly kicking pricks if only they bothered to get over their own aesthetic pathetics. Le sigh, yeah? Not for Wild Moth. These Bay Area freaks fucking kill it"

"[POST-PUNK] While Wild Moth's squalling, be-flanneled post-punk is definitely de rigueur at the moment, this San Francisco outfit sets itself apart with a syncretic approach that stitches a number of timeworn sounds into something that sounds new enough to thrill and quicken. This decade's pursuit of Dinosaur Jr.'s magic formula continues apace on Wild Moth's self-titled EP, but beneath the fuzz and feedback there is evidence of abiding affections for Jawbreaker's sodden pop punk and Guy Piccioto's wailing contributions to Fugazi and Rites of Spring. Consider these comparisons mere hints, however, because Wild Moth's post-everything mélange of brooding melody and deafening electricity finds a latter-day niche of its very own."

"I’m finishing off today with a 7” that came out a few months ago but is getting some serious replay value around these parts. San Francisco post-punk subverters Wild Moth have crafted four tracks of angular angst on Mourning Glow, glossed over with some effervescent melodies. Whilst much further afield from Fugazi, there is something inherent in Wild Moth’s harmonies and warm sonics that evokes the titular band in the title track, whilst ‘Patience’ wouldn’t be amiss on a mid-2000s Trail of Dead record. The connection to Conrad Keely et al is also evident on the B-sides, which are just as delectable, especially in the screeched backing vocals on ‘Prison’*. Overall though, this is such a quality 7” that it feels much more substantial – you can see why they are opening for the likes of A Place To Bury Strangers – and the new album cannot come quick enough. "

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