Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great news! We have received the Wild Moth S/T 10" !

After long hours of hand pressing covers, scoring, and folding, we are in the process of packaging all of these.

 We will, however, have two record release parties. One on May 23rd at the Luggage Gallery in San Francisco and one on May 26th at 105 pioneer in Santa Cruz. Both dates are w/ Broken Water from Olympia WA, who also have TWO new records!

The pre-orders links are down, and the record can now be  officially ordered on the internet through Suitor's Club and TGIC (and other misc. distros). We will be reserving our copies for the shows to come. Thanks to all the awesome kids who bought the record + shirt deal. And of course, thanks to Hank and Brian.

  In other news, we will be playing a show w/ Criminal Code from Oly/Tacoma on May 12th and will have a limited amount of these records with us. Thanks to Dahlia for having us on the bill, and Ryan for hosting it.

 Here's a video Joe took of us in early April at Thee Parkside. This song will be featured in one of the two seven inches we just recorded for. Really excited to reveal details for these releases soon.

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