Sunday, April 8, 2012

S/T - 10 " EP

Our demo cassette 'released' earlier this year will make it's official appearance to the world as a debut 10" EP (45 rpm on black vinyl). This is being put out by TGIC Records and Suitor's Club which are both good friends building their labels. The collaborative nature of this project has not only been challenging, but a lot of fun— being able to see the final outcome is satisfactory, and an achievement on its own.

The record can be pre-ordered at either of the labels' sites:

We had 13 test-presses with us at the Joyce Manor shows but those are now sold out. Also, as a side note, we recorded four new songs w/ Jack Shirley and debuted these at both shows. These recording will make their way out, sooner than later.

Shows w/ MERCHANDISE are coming up next week! Really looking forwards to these.


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